Our Mission

hubbly bubbly - Electronic Shisha

 Our e-liquids and e-shisha products are designed to re-create the experience of hookah /shisha smoking, using the very best vaping technology and ingredients.

 Our goal is to provide a realistic experience, whilst offering a more enjoyable and healthier alternative to tobacco or molasses based products.

No tar - No carbon monoxide - No tobacco - No Nicotine

Legal to smoke anywhere

Traditional Hookah

The hookah pipe was invented in India around 500 years ago. It is used to smoke flavoured tobacco that we know as shisha. Hot coals are used to burn the tobacco and the smoke is then inhaled through a 'hookah' pipe. When inhaled the smoke is cooled as it passes underwater. As this happens a 'hubbly bubbly' effect is created in the water basin.

Over recent years the use of hookah pipes has swept its way into western culture. Shisha bars and cafes have since become a popular place to socialise with friends. However, recent regulation over the smoking of tobacco indoors has made it more difficult for people to enjoy shisha anywhere they please.