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Is Hubbly Bubbly Electronic Shisha Healthier Than Smoking Traditional Shisha?

Yes the flavoured tobacco used in traditional hookah pipes contains harmful chemicals such as tar and carbon monoxide. These chemicals along with others aren't found in our products making them a considerably healthier option to the user and those around them.

What Is The Smoke That Is Released?

This 'smoke' is actually condensed air (vapour) which contains the flavour and is also used to emulate the sensation of smoking.

What Makes The Vapour?

When the user inhales e-liquid is drawn into the atomizing chamber. It is then heated and turned into the vapour which is smoked like a traditional hookah pipe. The vapour tastes and feels just like the smoke released from a hookah pipe.

Does It Smell?

The vapour is odourless and dissipates within seconds. It doesn't give you 'smokers breath' or leave your hands and clothes smelling of tobacco either.

Can I Smoke These Whilst I Am Pregnant?

We do NOT recommend vaping electronic shisha nor traditional shisha whilst pregnant.

How long does it last ?

The Electronic Shisha Head is rechargeable and re-fillable and can be used while charging . Therefore you can use your device indefinitely so long as you have e-liquid refills.

Why Does The E-Head Have An LED Light?

We designed them this way so as to not be confused with an traditional shisha when being used indoors in places such as restaurants, bars and clubs.

What Are The Ingredients In Hubbly Bubbly E-liquid?

Our e-liquids contain Glycerin, Proylene Glycol, Aromas. All Hubbly Bubbly e-liquids are Nicotine FREE.