Mixology 101 : How to Mix your E-Shisha Flavours.

June 23, 2016

Ever have trouble mixing your favourite shisha -combos to perfection? How do you create and perfect a mixture you cannot taste yet? My advice: use your nose. When you purchase a new flavour of e-liquid, you typically smell it to get a sense of how it will smoke. 

A couple of rules:


1. Add some oomph. When using multiple neutral flavours, you will typically need a high-note added, even if it's in moderation. Sure, vanilla pudding and banana cream will taste good together, but try adding a pinch of something fruity.


2. Don't be afraid to get crazy. One of my favourite base flavours is Tropical Escape


3. Relax on the fruit mixes, bro. Most novice smokers stick to fruity flavours, and I get it. They're like, tasty. If you're looking to impress, mixing some fruit flavours is a great idea that rarely backfires and almost always gets compliments. If you're alone or with a fellow shisha-head, get a little brave and try some dessert flavours. 


Need some help  whipping up your own recipe ? Head over to our Mixology page for a tried and tested list of recipes to get you started. 



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