The Mini Shisha is here.

June 03, 2016

We’ve listened to your feedback and  searched long and hard for the perfect mini shishas to compliment our luxury indoor shisha . Standing 11.5" tall, is another great member of the Hubbly Bubbly family. 


Good things come in small packages. 

Our mini Shisha comes in two beautiful colour ways -  Bronze Ruby and Metallic Black 

The  size makes it the perfect shisha to sit on a table, end table, desk, or really wherever your customers want to enjoy shisha.

Its  glass base is decently thick, so you shouldn't have to worry about it cracking with every little bump. The base is small enough to make it portable, but large enough to give a a great pull and fantastic flavour. 


Beautiful, Long Lasting Design

The stem of the mini shisha is made from stainless-steel, and features a chrome plating that makes this shisha shine. The stainless-steel means the stem will never suffer from rust or corrosion, and the downstem will never retain powerful shisha flavours. One quick rinse and the pipe will be rid of any ghosting flavours.




Photography by : Jernej Furman

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