Vaping is apparently a sport now

by Carmarley Dennis November 28, 2013

The rise of e-cigarettes has lead to a new type of “sport:” cloud chasing.

Cloud chasing involves people modifying their e-cigarettes or vaporizers and competing with each other to see who can blow out the biggest cloud of vapor. But this isn’t some kind of teen craze on YouTube. These are organized events with sponsored competitors.

And competitors aren’t using the usual nicotine liquid that come with e-cigarettes, they’re using vegetable glycerol and liquid nicotine and apparently some of them don’t even use nicotine at all.

These vaping — or cloud — competitions have already taken place in New Jersey, Illinois, New Mexico, Texas and California and are popping up in states all over the place.

Some people have raised concerns about modifying vaping machines to produce more vapor, but participants aren’t phased by these concerns.


Source: Lena Butler 


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Carmarley Dennis
Carmarley Dennis


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